Friday, May 13, 2011

Porch Punch

It's Friday and the sun is shining. . . finally!
Busy week and I am so grateful to be sitting here on my front porch with my daughter (upstairs having "quiet time.") singing to herself about flowers and coloring. 
Been a bit since I posted so I figured why not just jump right in. 

The truth is I've been wanting to post about my porch makeover that was focused around my new rug, but I've been waiting until I get all things in place. Well. . . sneak peek into my daily life. . . it's not all in place.
At least the RUG is in place. 
Here's where we're at so far. . . 

I chose a color palette that had various neutral tones with just small pops of color to liven it up a bit and be a nice contrast to the wood floors and slatted ceiling, but compliment the white trim as well. I'm thinking of even painting the shingles white.
The yarn itself is a mix of both Sunbrella acrylic and polypropylene. They are both stain-mildew resistant and extremely easy to take care of. First color and then content were my priorities and I actually like how the softness of the acrylic and the slight sheen of the polypropylene work together. 
Also, I chose for the braids to run the length of the rug so as to really expand the space and tie the two ends of the porch together. They've always seemed to function so separately and now the space is far more cohesive, and even feels larger. The rug brings you from one end to another.
The size is a bit narrower so that it functions somewhat like a runner and allows for the floor to show. 

Enjoy the weekend! Off to get ready for my porch cocktails. . . 

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