Friday, May 20, 2011

The Hour of the Flower

Flowers are everywhere it seems. Just budding across the spreads of fashion magazines and right into our clothes and accessories . . .
photo via Elle - Spring 2011 Fashion Essentials
It is spring afterall, and it's time for gardens, weddings, sun dresses and even flowy flowery hair (see coco+kelley)

Feminine, flirty and fun. These flowers are adding just the right pop of color in a very sweet way.
And guess what. . . 
photo via free people 

I've got some fun little flower treats for you. We took some floral fabric and mixed them together to create some baskets and rugs to bring some flirty fun to your life. Because who doesn't need a little of that to remind us that those warmer, sunny days are just around the corner. . . right?
spring mix floral rug - cmi

spring mix floral rug - cmi
spring mix floral basket - cmi
Contact cmi for more info and where to get some. thanks! or email here

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