Friday, February 17, 2012

2012 New Collections

This year, we debuted 4 new collections at the 2012 markets in both Atlanta and Las Vegas; Natural Wool Houndstooth, Elmwood, Tiburon and Brooklyn.
The trends this year consisted of natural tones, warm hues and texture.
In response to the expanding palette of neutrals in the market, we added 8 new polypropylene colors to our offering that includes grays, browns and naturals.
Additionally, we introduced new constructions and color pairings that provide style and design that is both transitional and practical.

Take a peek below for additional info and photos of the new collections.

Natural Wool Houndstooth
All natural, un-dyed wools come together in a unique cablelock tweed design creating a Houndstooth pattern. A highly durable and eco-friendly option that adds sophistication and comfort.
Available in 6 colorways: Cream, Latte, Tea, Caramel, Cocoa, Espresso.
Natural Wool Houndstooth Collection - HD36-Espresso, HD31-Cream, HD33-Tea
Natural Wool Houndstooth Collection - HD32-Latte, HD34-Caramel, HD36-Espresso

texture shot of natural wool houndstooth - HD36  Espresso
Natural Wool Houndstooth Collection - HD32 Latte rug and basket

A soft, easy blend of natural tones with just a hint of color creating a design that works with any pattern. Ideal for bedrooms and living rooms. Constructed of flat braid wool-blend and polypropylene yarns.
Available in 6 colorways: Stonewash, Denim, Tarragon, Rosewood, Evergold and Bark.
Elmwood Collection - EM59-Denim, EM79-Rosweood, EM99-Bark

Elmwood Collection - EM49-Stonewash, EM89-Evergold, EM69-Tarragon

Tip: If you're a fan of lots of pattern, try the Elmwood rug under a bed dressed in multi-colored quilts or use it in a living room to create a soft, beach-like feel.

A fun, updated design to a traditional shape in natural, earthy colors.
Combining both flat and cablelock constructions gives this rug the added element of texture.
Made of 100% polypropylene
Available in 7 colorways: Brownstone, Slate, Blue Haze, Moss, Terracotta, Natural, Amber Way

Brooklyn Collection - BN19-Brownstone, BN89-Natural

Brooklyn Collection - BN79-Terracotta

An updated shape takes a traditional flat braiding mix of natural and earthy tones to create warmth and style.
100% polyproplene.
Available in 6 colorways: Stone Blue, Dockside, Misted Gray, Spruce Green, Rusted Rose, Sandstorm.
Tiburon Collection - TB69-Spruce Green, TB79-Rusted Rose, TB49-Misted Gray, TB09-Stone Blue

Tiburon Collection - TB19-Dockside, TB89-Sandstorm, TB49-Misted Gray

Tiburon Collection - TB79-Rusted Rose runner and basket

New collections are currently being added to our website and will officially be ready to order March 1.
Please feel free to contact us for more information regarding these new collections.
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