Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A custom rug for a 6 year old . . .

This past April, my daughter's 6th birthday seemed like the perfect time to convince myself and my husband that we should make over her room.
All of a sudden the age of 6 seemed to call for the kind of room that went beyond just stuffed animals and play houses, to something she could really grow with. . . and keep organized on her own!
A real bed, paint in a color other than pink, a shelf to hold her new found love of chapter books, and of course. . . what every 6 year old wants, "a cool rug."
She is my kid after all.

Although we were making her room feel a bit more "big kid," I still believe in a kids' room being a kids' room. Meaning, there has to be some element of fun and chaos or mismatching happening. It has to feel like a kids room.
So when deciding on a rug, I wanted to do something different. I wanted it to be playful and colorful, but soft. I also wanted to challenge my manufacturing team a bit to see if they could achieve the look I was going for.
My inspiration was to have something geometric with stripes, which is how I came up with this initial drawing.

initial rug concept 

Our manufacturing team was on it and had no problem with the design, creating the separate pieces for each section, cutting them and piecing them together.
the rug is pieced together in sections
almost complete . . . awaiting fringe 

final rug in Nayeli's room 
The rug came out exactly how I had hoped. I love the yellow stripes and how it gives her room both color and softness. She was very happy. :)