Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Graham & Brown

Super stylish and easy to use wallpaper from Graham & Brown can be seen here in the displays and vingettes of our updated showrooms which debuted in Atlanta and Las Vegas this year. 
cmi's Atlanta showroom using Graham &  Brown's Nottingham Cream wallpaper

Graham & Brown - Nottingham Cream wallpaper

I loved this wallpaper for many reasons. At $60 a roll I was able to find something that was both stylish and incredibly easy to use. We had a fairly tight budget for the redo of our showroom interiors and were doing all of the work ourselves. Therefore, we need something that was going to be quick and easy. And of course. . . it had to look good!
The interior space was to introduce our 7 new collections, our stunning photography (Adam Schneider) and reflect cmi's fresh new image.
I wanted the space to act a bit like a home. So when you walked into the showroom you really felt you were experiencing a space you could live in. The wallpaper worked to tie all of this together and give it an additional dimension. And with Graham & Brown's paste the wall technique, you just had to stick it on. Granted . . . I was not the one that did the actual pasting of the wallpaper. But, my "workerbee" (boss) did say he was impressed with how easy and quick it was. Wish I could say the same for all the painting we did.
The first vingette, shown above, highlights rugs from our Perspective Collection, offering a more modern look through construction and content.
Shear Natural, a 100% un-dyed all natural wool adds a wonderful element of texture while being eco-conscious, a very current trend in design. (see Nature + Texture = Responsibile Style) The modern contoured rectangle shape with small accent stripe keeps the form simple, yet updated.
The Allure collection offers a striped, rectangle design in a sophisticated color palette of grays and neutrals with gentle pops of muted green, teal and mauve. All wool blend adds to the softness and warmth of this collection.
The organic and natural feeling of it all made the Nottingham Cream wallpaper a perfect fit with it's forest-like design, neutral tones and soft metallic highlights for a bit of contemporary flare.

cmi's Atlanta showroom using Graham & Brown's Frames wallpaper

Graham & Brown - Frames wallpaper

The first time I saw this wallpaper was quite a while ago, but I couldn't wait to use it somewhere. So I just bought a roll thinking I would put it on a wall in my daughter's playroom at some point. At $45 a roll. . . why not?!
As I began developing our product line and concept for the showrooms, I realized this would be the perfect fit for our Generation Collection display. It's funky, fun and creative.
The softness of the chenilles and gentle ticking colors in our juvenille rugs offer a nice balance next to the black and white of the wallpaper. And with the uneven edges of the frames, the playfulness really comes through.
It also creates a space for visitors and customers to leave their mark! I can't wait to see how the wall develops over the next markets. 
In Las Vegas, our 2 national sales managers (who I will leave nameless) chose to get a little creative with the wall as we will be moving spaces for the August 2011 market. Quite entertaining. But, don't look too close. . . they were in Vegas after all.  


For a full peak at our showroom makeover with before and after photos follow after the jump
Let me know what you think!

break down

why isn't she working?

Graham & Brown - paste the wall

Graham & Brown Frames wallpaper

Graham & Brown Nottingham Cream wallpaper


later purple. . .

still painting . . .

back wall

is it straight?

cmi Atlanta showroom - BEFORE

cmi Atlanta showroom - AFTER

cmi Atlanta showroom - BEFORE

cmi Atlanta showroom - AFTER

cmi Atlanta showroom - BEFORE

cmi Atlanta showroom - AFTER

cmi Atlanta showroom - BEFORE
cmi Atlanta showroom - AFTER

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