Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Modern Tradition

just a quick post today. 2 pictures I love and had to share to show you how traditional can be oh so stylish when used the right way.
Becuase this could totally be my bedroom.(minus the guitar - if it were in my room it would only be so I look cool, not because I can actually play) Or even someone youngish and super hip.
Regardless. . . it all works and doesn't take a huge amount of effort.
Understated, somewhat modern, but also a bit traditional to keep it simple yet comfortable.
 The braid here is a very traditional use of color, where the yarn itself is dyed incrementally creating what we call a "space-dye." When braided together the colors fall somewhat randomly throughout the rug. It is 100% wool.
The shape, however, is a contoured rectangle, adding a bit of updated flare, rather than the traditional oval.
Loving the color and the vibe this room is giving off.

ridgevale classic medley - cmi.

Here is a very traditional, wool blend rug. Both pattern, shape and content are traditional. However, the color palette incorporates grays and purples and used in this kind of setting it takes on a completely different style than one may expect from this kind of rug.
Exposed brick and the vanity with vintage looking stool. . . all comes together so nicely.

boston common purple haze - cmi.

photos - Adam Schneider

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