Monday, June 23, 2014

Get Outside

On a recent trip to San Francisco in May, I found myself in the most pleasant setting for an early morning cup of coffee with my husband.

Outside at the Stable Cafe, was this wonderful, shared garden space. The light was gorgeous and the whole environment, with the plants and pebbled ground was so peaceful and inspiring.
It had me looking forward to getting our outdoor space ready for that long awaited New England summer. 
Morning coffee on the deck and nights of outdoor dinners and lounging. 
I was mostly inspired here by the plants and the natural element that made this space so inviting. 
When it comes to outdoor spaces, sometimes all it takes is a few simple steps to make your space into that setting you dream of. (especially after long winters!)

Whether you live in the city, the country, or on the water, prefer an eclectic mix or clean and simple, here are a few images for your outdoor inspiration. . . 

Adding string lights and flowers is a simple and easy way to make a space feel warm and inviting.
Image via Pinterest 
A small balcony becomes a cozy outdoor hang out.
Image via Pinterest
A traditional deck adds a lounge-like elegance with over-sized cushions and chairs in bright white.
Image via Pinterest
Traditional meets rustic for a look that is truly New England.
Image via Pinterest
A gorgeous view needs only natural pieces that blend with the surrounding environment.
Image via Pinterest
An extension of the indoors.
Image via Elle Decor
A traditional home mixes modern pieces and patterns in black and white, with a touch of natural tones and textures.
Image via Pinterest
A patio full of greenery gets an eclectic mix of pattern and color.
Traditional covered porch with Moroccan-style influences.
Image via Pinterest
This porch keeps it clean and simple.
Image via Pinterest
This one says it all. . .
Image via Pinterest
Summer is here! Time to get outside.

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